Classic Japan 2012

On the 25th of November, we headed out to the Classic Japan 2012 Show and Shine at Como Park in South Yarra. The day looked to be a huge success with cars and bikes filling the lower and upper areas of the Park. The day started out a little overcast but the weather held out for a decent day.

There were Japanese icons everywhere you looked. A few cars that I have not seen in years let alone seen in the flesh at all. It was a great show, one of our favourites of 2012.

A great effort by the Classic Japan team and the many clubs who helped put the event together.

Here are a few pics we snapped up from the day. Enjoy.



Here’s something you don’t see everyday… A Lexus 1UZ-FE V8 into a Mazda 929… The transplant looked like it was meant to be there from factory.

IMG_2460-1 IMG_2461-1

Another neat conversion. SR20DET into a Mazda 808.

IMG_2462-1 IMG_2457-1

Super Lime RX3…


As we walked into the lower level of the park some of the first cars we saw were a few super rare Isuzu Bellets. Straight away we knew this years Classic Japan had brought out some super rare cars.

IMG_2464-1 IMG_2466-1

One of our all time favorites the DR30 Skyline.

IMG_2468-1 IMG_2469-1

Worked 4AGE patiently waiting for the throttle to be mashed.


Toyota Crown Coupe. Another very rare car at the meet.


MA61 Supra Celica on FR Simmons. They set this off perfectly.

IMG_2472-1 IMG_2473-1



Two Tone KE35 Coupe with a very neat twin carb engine transplant.

IMG_2476-1 IMG_2477-1

A completely original and restored KE70 Rolla… Most of these are turned into drift pigs so it’s a refreshing change to see one completely restored.

IMG_2478-1 IMG_2479-1 IMG_2480-1

This has to be one of the cleanest KE55 Rolla’s we’ve seen. The body work and trimmings were immaculate.



IMG_2483-1 IMG_2484-1

One of the cleanest AE82 Corolla’s I’ve seen in Oz… The old school ROH wheel set it off nicely.

IMG_2486-1IMG_2485-1 IMG_2487-1

This TA22 Celica was also very clean and neat.

IMG_2488-1 IMG_2489-1

The interior was immaculate as well.

IMG_2490-1 IMG_2491-1 IMG_2492-1

Over fenders done right… A very mean RX7…



Another Lime Green RX3.

IMG_2495-1 IMG_2496-1

Super cool TE27 Sprinter… I want one of these for my own garage.

IMG_2497-1 IMG_2498-1

Immaculate Nissan Prince.

IMG_2499-1 IMG_2500-1 IMG_2501-1 IMG_2502-1

Another cool AE82.

IMG_2503-1 IMG_2504-1 IMG_2505-1 IMG_2506-1 IMG_2507-1 IMG_2508-1 IMG_2509-1 IMG_2510-1


Ultimate symphony… Triple Carb Heaven.


Another cool and clean 240Z…


Look at your fine ass.. .Which behind do you choose?

IMG_2516-1 IMG_2518-1

Adam brought out his KE25. This is by far the cleanest KE25 in the country. Super clean, stanced and tastefully modded.

IMG_2519-1 IMG_2520-1 IMG_2584-1

It even has a fully built and turbo’d 4AGE.

IMG_2583-1IMG_2521-1 IMG_2523-1 IMG_2524-1

Not exactly Classic Japan yet… But definitely Classic Rivalry… These two were parked out on the street next to Como Park.


Slammed like a boss… These two Cressida’s looked very cool slammed on old school wheels.

IMG_2526-1 IMG_2562-1IMG_2527-1

IMG_2530-1 IMG_2535-1

AW11 MR2 sitting very low running a neatly worked 4AGE.

IMG_2533-1 IMG_2534-1

First time we’ve seen a AW11 minus the wing. I like it…



IMG_2539-1 IMG_2540-1

JZX80 Cruiser. These are absolute sleepers. Equipped with 1JZ’s these have a lot of potential for big power.



Doilies in the car… My mother in law would be proud…

IMG_2542-1A Chrysler Galant with some very aggressive offset. We can only assume some over fenders and some lowered suspension are next on the list.

Mexican Fitment?


XT7’s on an IS200 are always a treat. Not classic but a few modern cars were parked in the upper level still showing of some of Japan’s finest.


We love this car. One of the first cars to have ever been parked in the Win Garage. This example was very neat which these days is very hard to come by in a KE70.

IMG_2547-1 IMG_2548-1

RT40 Corona. Another piece of history. Its a shame these are so hard to come by these days. The owner stayed true to the period retaining the fat white walls.

IMG_2549-1 IMG_2550-1

The interior was immaculate. Original everything.

IMG_2551-1 IMG_2553-1IMG_2554-1

One of our favorites from Classic Japan 2012.


Initial D Suzuki style… Panda style Tofu delivery Mighty Boy… Watch out AE86 drivers… There’s a new delivery machine in town.

IMG_2555-1 IMG_2559-1

S12 Silvia… This example left us speechless. Fully built FJ20DET, perfect fitment and body styling. We’ve never seen an S12 this beautiful before. This was our choice for car of show.

IMG_2557-1 IMG_2560-1

This picture needs no words…

IMG_2558-1 IMG_2561-1 IMG_2563-1 IMG_2564-1

Original Trueno equipped with ITB’s. Should have organised a Tofu run with the Mighty Boy…

IMG_2565-1 IMG_2567-1

Another super clean DR30 RS.

IMG_2568-1 IMG_2570-1IMG_2569-1

It was an unusual site to see so many original R100’s lined up in a row. Most rotor owners opt to modify these so it was a refreshing change to see a collection of originals.


Nevertheless we will always love a worked R100. Especially one as neat as this.

IMG_2571-1 IMG_2573-1

A few RX3’s made an appearance. These have such a history in Japanese Motorsport, so it was great to see representation at Classic Japan.

IMG_2575-1 IMG_2576-1 IMG_2577-1

Another super cool orange 240Z… Also rocking over fenders and some wide wheels. I don’t think you could ever get enough of the curves of a 240Z.

IMG_2578-1 IMG_2579-1 IMG_2580-1 IMG_2581-1 IMG_2582-1

Another TA22 Celica in mint condition.


The rarities continued with examples like this Honda S800 convertible and this Nissan President.

IMG_2586-1 IMG_2587-1 IMG_2588-1


Datto 260C Wagon. Uber…


This is the only example of a Nissan Prince Gloria we have ever seen in the flesh. Didn’t even realize there were rarities like these in Oz.


Along with the Prince Gloria was a A200 Prince. This was just as neat as the Prince Gloria. Completely original and just as elegant.


KE rockin’ a completely different conversion to the norm.



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