WIN Garage Mitsubishi Legnum EC5W Build Part 4 (SOLD)

Unfortunately the time has come to sell the Legnum. After changing job which involved a longer commute I started to find the fuel guzzling nature of the Legnum a bit much to handle. My wife at the time had a 2008 Toyota Corolla Ascent Hatch. It was in great condition as we had only purchased it a few years back. We needed to upgrade her car as we were expecting a second little one. So I made the decision to sell the Legnum and move onto the Corolla and focus wasting the rest of my money on the Supra instead. After only one month advertised on Carsales the Legnum sold for $7900. We purchased a 2013 Nissan Dualis for my wife and I ended up with a hand me down Corolla.

I thought I would say goodbye to the Legnum with a few photos I took for the sale.

A great family wagon that will be missed. Ultimate sleeper and great room for carrying anything and everything.


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