2008 Toyota Corolla Ascent ZRE152 (The Beginning and the End)

Ok, ok, ok I know this really isn’t a worthy build but as I like to tinker I did tidy up a few things on the Corolla. With the Legnum sold and the Supra in pieces I needed to do something to the Corolla to make it a little more me. As you can imagine the Corolla is as exhilarating as watching paint dry. Never the less I still grew a small connection with it and so I started to clean her up a little.

So first I managed to get a hold of a newer Corolla Bluetooth/USB headunit and in the process of installing it I plasti-dipped the worn interior panels which had completely faded away.







Overall the colour matched perfectly with the standard dash and was a better contrast to the new black headunit. FYI also discovered the hold button on the Auto above the gear indicators is actually hooked up to nothing. It is just a button with a spring underneath. Maybe an option in another model but just another thing to play with in this model.

We then tinted all the windows to 18% and fitted up some new BF Goodrich tyres. Car was starting to look like a clean brand new little Corolla.

However on the 1st of March, only 1 month of driving the car it all came tumbling down… After a long day at work, after a disastrous breakdown, I worded up my fitters to head home and drive safely as most of us had worked in excess of 16 hours trying to resolve a issue with some machinery. I left feeling just as exhausted as everyone else but I was alert. Driving down Sydney Rd, Brunswick around 12:45am, I received a call from my wife on the Bluetooth, just checking in to see if I was ok and how far I was from her parents house.

Then Bang!!!, followed by another Bang and another!” I found myself parked against a street pole on the corner of Sydney Rd and Blyth St in Brunswick with a severe pain through my back and chest. Tried to look around but my neck was locked. All I saw were people frantically running around through the corner of my eye. A young man and woman were trying to break open my drivers door, but they couldn’t. Then another man was trying on the passenger side. He finally managed to break open my passenger door and jumped in with me. He asked if I was ok and told me not to move. I asked what happened and he explained that a taxi driver had rear ended me sending me through an on coming car and into the street pole. I asked if everyone else was ok. He said they were ok but to just relax and not move. he said he was the driver of the tram behind the taxi which hit me. Its at this point I realised I couldn’t feel my right leg and my whole back and chest were in severe pain. This is when the panic starting to set in.

Moments later I saw the Taxi driver through the window, he was screaming and yelling at himself. He wanted to come to the car and see me, but all the bystanders were stopping him. My wife and father in law who had heard the whole thing through the bluetooth came running down the street as I was only around the corner from there place. The police and ambulance arrived at the same time and I was put into a neck brace and spinal board taken away to the Royal Melbourne Hospital. After all the necessary scans and x-rays I luckily escaped with only two broken ribs and generally multiple soft tissue injuries. The feeling in my leg came back along with the pain, but overall I made it out ok. As you can imagine this meant the poor Corolla was no more.

Later I received a letter from the Police advising that the taxi driver had fallen asleep at the wheel and rear ended me whilst I was waiting to turn right. it was the drivers second offence of that nature and that he will be charged. The part that still gets me worried for all those jumping in Taxis is that he fell asleep and caused all this mayhem with passengers in his car. So here’s my public service announcement for today. Make sure your Taxi driver is awake.  Anyway here are a few pics of the carnage. Don’t have many as these were taken by my wife whilst I boarded the Ambo. Car was squashed and twisted. Fun times.





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