WIN GARAGE Mitsubishi EVO 8 Build – Part 1

So as a result of the Corolla being written off Insurance handed over a nice little sum which I was to put to good use and buy a decent family car. So I did. An Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 8 🙂

After searching around looking at the Mazda 6 MPS, Audi A4, Subaru Liberty and WRX’s, VE SS Wagons and Nissan Pathfinders I was still fond of the EVO. I ended up test driving nine cars in total and settled on this. Almost completely stock standard EVO 8, with genuine lady owner who really knew her cars and how to drive (40 year old mum with three kids, who had a Pulsar GTiR drag car in the garage which was hers). Came with low kms, Kakimoto Cat Back Exhaust and Alpine head unit and RWC for $18,500. Here are the pics from carsales as I started modding car too early and forgot to take pics when i first picked it up.






The plans for the car are to make it a neat street car which can still be a bit of a weekend warrior. Plus capable of still carting the kids around. The funny part is that it actually has more room in the back than my wifes Nissan Dualis so the kids actually have more room and the boot actually fits more as well. I think the wifes next car should be an EVO 7 GTA.


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