WIN GARAGE Mitsubishi EVO 8 Build – Part 2

After purchasing the EVO we sent it straight to JAK Motorworks for a thorough inspection. The boys at JAK couldn’t believe how clean and untouched this car really was. Only issue found were some stone chips on the bonnet.

Once we got the car home we researched a cheap wheel option for street use and a set of coilovers to improve ride height and handling. After speaking with several guys on the EVO forums we decided to give the guys at MCA a ring and work out what would be good for street use and the occasional track day. Josh from MCA put us onto a set of MCA Blue coilovers with adjustable camber tops and 8kg springs all round.

In the meantime we played around with finding wheels. I found a set of Rota MXR wheels which I started to really like as they were similar to some Work wheels I originally wanted. The issue was the colour as they came in Blackor Hyper silver. After roughly photoshopping them onto the car we decided to go with Hyper Silver in 18×9.5 +20 offset. We ended up fitting the wheels with 235/40ZR18 Federal 595R tyres all round.

To fit the wheels we also had to purchase some 73mm to 67mm hub rings to ensure the wheels were centred on the hub correctly.


Once the wheels were removed we found the Brembo paint fading and heavily built up with brake residue so gave them all a good clean.



Better but they will need a repaint later down the track as most of the clear is faded or peeling.

Fitted hub rings and then fitted the wheels up to the standard suspension.

Final product looks like its at rally spec height but will be sorted once coilovers are installed. The wheels sit fairly wide so not sure if they’ll scrape yet once lowered a little but we’ll have to wait and see.


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