WIN GARAGE Mitsubishi EVO 8 Build – Part 3

It was now time to fit the coilovers and see if the wheels cleared without rubbing. The coilovers were preset from MCA at there recommended legal height and settings. We dropped the car with the boys at JAK Motorworks to install the coilovers. The car ended up sitting a bit too high in the front end but at least nothing was scrubbing.

After driving the car around for a week or so we were simply amazed at how nice the MCA coilovers felt to drive daily. After driving on TEIN’s, HSD and Cusco coilovers in the past we could not believe how comfortable the ride was. These truly are a quality coilover which even left the JAK boys all raving about how nice they were to drive on.

After a week or so the ride height started to bother me so we took some measurements and made a few subtle changes to improve the vehicle stance.

In the end only lowered the front a further 20mm and the rear 5mm. We were happy with the final result.

With this new ride height we found the rear started to scrub a little with the kids on board, so we pulled out the guard roller and just rolled the lip on the guard. Worked out nicely and we were pretty happy with the result.


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