Next step was to fit a cold air intake. Took order of an APEXi Power Intake kit which comes with a filter, adapter, gaskets and a little heat shield.






After looking at the unit I realised as much as the heat shield looked good it really wasn’t doing too much in the way of protecting against hot air intake. I looked into the sealed air boxes online and nearly fell off my chair when I saw the prices. Decided to try and copy the APEXi one I saw online.

After a few cardboard cut outs and some images from the net I was able to draw up a copy cat design using Solidworks.



Luckily through some work connections I was able to send my drawings off to be cut and folded from some aluminium sheet. Once cut and folded I sent it to be powder coated to try make it as OEM as possible.

The results:

After receiving my new copy cat air box I realised I had made a critical error in making the unit easy to install. The top cover only had though holes. So to attach the top you need to hold the nut underneath which when in situ is not accessible. So now I had to assembly the whole unit with the intake and then slide it in as one assembly. This was now something I had to modify if I wanted this to be user friendly. To fix this I made a 3mm strip of s/s with drilled and tapped holes and attached it to the plate which the top plate had to bolt to. So now the bolts screw into tapped holes. I also realised that the front of the cover was rubbing a little on the framework behind the lights. So I cut a vacuum line in half and ran it along the bead.





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