After the basic little tidy ups and small mods were complete it was time to get the car aligned and give it a crack around a race track. Circuit Club had an event around the corner at Winton Raceway and I thought this would be the best time to take the car out and put it through its paces as a benchmark to gauge improvements as we go on. It would also be a good indication to compare the lap times with the old Legnum times.

The car was switched back over to the standard Evo 8 Enkei wheels with the standard road rubber Continentals. I took the car down to Centreline Suspension for an alignment and basic set up adjustments. Danny at JAK Motorworks helped with a complete service and check of all fluids and brake pads. He even gave me a whole box of spare fluids to take along if needed.

Ready to hit the track.


After being cleared for scrutineering we hooked up the transponder to the front bar and went out for our first session. The MCA coilovers felt really well damped and the car felt like it was set up perfectly for Winton. The biggest issues were with the tyres. After only 2 or 3 laps the tyres started squealing heavily and the turn in response had diminished. We still continued through our session to see how what times we could achieve.

First session best time was only a 1:47. This was the same times the old “Auto” Legnum was producing. Once we pulled the car into the pits we checked tyre pressures straight away and found the front left had crept as high as 45psi. We started the session with all 4 tyre pressures at 36psi. After speaking to a local guru we were advised to lower the pressures to 32psi and then see if it comes up to around 40psi when hot.


Next session was a bit better but we found ourselves caught in a lot of slower car traffic. Although we were lucky enough to have a heated 4 lap battle with a Lotus Evora. We still encountered the tyre squealing after a few laps and this time even started to encounter some brake fading.

After this session we brought the car in and immediately checked the tyre pressures. They had still crept up to 43psi in the front left. During the lunch break I was having a chat to a few other guys at the track and they mentioned they were having similar issues with street compound tyres on the front left. I decided whether correct or not to try run the next session with 30psi in the front left and 32psi on the other three wheels.DSC_0134.JPGDSC_0150.JPG

This session I decided to try and push the car and myself to try better on the previous PB of 1:47 we had in the first session. I went out hard the first few laps, did a few cool downs and then went hard again. This time I pushed a little too hard coming out of the last corner onto the main straight. I went wide on the exit and the left hand side of the car lost traction on the wet ripple strip sending me into a slide onto the straight. After a little tank slapper we avoided hitting anything and back down the straight we went. Very grateful not to have had any traffic around as I would surely have hit someone.

Anyway after this adrenaline packed session we pulled the car in. Checked the clock and found we had run a 1:45. A new PB for me and a great result for essentially a standard EVO with coilovers, cat back exhaust and a cold air intake.

Overall a great result and the car held up given my spirited last session. We put the tyre pressures back to normal and drove the car back to Melbourne. Really impressed with the way the coilovers felt and handled but I know I definitely need to make improvements in tyre and brake pad for the next outing.DSC_0240.JPG


More images from the day:

DSC_0229 (2).JPG



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